I love people, food, nature, landscape,
culture and just life!

Hi there!

I’m Nadja – a mum to a six-year-old and a dog lover. I’m German but have been living close to London since 2004. I absolutely love the British humour, traditions, landscape and culture and London inspires me every time I go there.

Since living in the UK, I look at my home country from a completely different perspective. I now travel to Germany as a ‘tourist’, exploring and rediscovering it with new eyes.

We as a family really enjoy spending our holidays in Germany and appreciate the beauty and diversity of the country – even more so now I’m not living there. Friends often ask me to recommend interesting places to go. As I have visited many regions in Germany, I’d like to take you on my personal journey. Join me in discovering the ‘sausage’ country, which has so much more to offer.

I hope you'll like it!

Love Nadja x

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