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How to be happy with hygge

Making winter cosy

When I wrote this blog a few days ago, it was a crisp, cold morning and I had just returned from my morning walk with my dog. I’d left the house without my mobile, and at first, I’d felt a bit lost without it –  but as it turned out, it was probably the best thing I could have done. It gave me the opportunity to really absorb the beauty around me; to breathe in the fresh air and listen to the crisp sound of my steps on the frosty ground. The sun brightened up the fields and I was able to just embrace the moment and just be happy!


Being cosy at home is now called hygge

These are the days when I really enjoy winter and realise how wonderful each season can be – in its own way. I’m also a huge fan of cosiness and I like nothing better than to create that perfect cosy atmosphere at home – whether it’s for me and my family or for when I invite friends over. Some of my friends think it’s highly amusing when I light my ‘millions’ of candles, dim the lights and light the fire ready for a cosy evening in. Just recently I stumbled across the expression hygge, pronounced hue-gah. It’s a Danish word, which describes a feeling or a mood of calm togetherness and an enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures – often under the gentle, flickering glow of candles. The media has certainly picked up on this trend and you won’t go far without seeing hygge mentioned in magazines and online publications; you’ll even find books written on the subject.


A picture of cosiness

In my mind’s eye, I can just picture a typical Danish home, candles dotted around the room creating the perfect atmosphere, while sitting in front of the fireplace with a cup of tea (or a glass of red wine in the evening). That really is my kind of winter evening – a true picture of happiness. For me, it makes the cold season that little bit more bearable, or dare I say it, enjoyable! Even though I would class myself as a summer person, I do know that by creating that little bit of cosiness, I can look forward to those darker, winter months.

My kind of happiness

My blogs often reflect on how positive I am and how much I can appreciate simple pleasures. I can really think of nothing better than to get together with friends and family around the fireplace – friendship and cosiness really are ideal partners. It’s so important to take a moment away from any worries – just closing the door to the outside world for a moment or two can help shift the balance in our modern, hectic lives. It gives you the chance to recharge your batteries and reconnect with those who are close to you.


Cosiness on holiday

My desire for cosiness doesn’t stop at home. When I go on holiday, I also expect the same from my accommodation! I’m not fussed whether it’s a B&B, a guest house or a luxury hotel – what is important is that it’s been designed with warmth and with a lot of attention to detail. For me, the perfect place to experience this kind of cosiness is in Bavaria.


The traditional Gasthof is a guest house that serves typical Bavarian food and drink. You’ll even come across them in the tiniest of villages. Just imagine coming back to a warm, cosy place after doing a full day of outdoor activities! It’s the wood and natural materials used in the interiors that creates the ambience – so typical of the region and the reason tourists from all over the world love travelling to this stunning part of Germany.

So, if you are a summer person like me, longing for the warmth of the sun and the longer, brighter days – try to celebrate winter and not waste your energy wallowing in a cloud of gloom during those cold, wet days; instead, why not embrace the present by creating simple rituals that you can easily incorporate into your daily life? You could even give hygge a go! It might just trigger a happy feeling!









I wish you all a happy day with this little uplifting video !




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