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6th October 2016
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5th November 2016
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Happy kids = Happy parents

When I came up with the idea of writing a blog about how important it is that the kids are happy on holiday and how it affects us parents, I was surprised at how many posts there were about people talking about it the other way around. So often the parents put themselves first with the belief that if they are happy then the kids must be too. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with this idea and I must admit, it’s certainly a good foundation for bringing up your children. We all deal with things differently, particularly when faced with a challenging parenting situation when you aren’t feeling happy or balanced. Just remember that our little ones will always mirror our behaviour – perfectly.


Holidaying with children

Most of us have learned from experience how important it is to research what your potential holiday destination has to offer for children when planning your family holiday. Travelling with several children makes it even more of a challenge, especially if there are big age gaps between them. However, it’s a great feeling when we see our children mixing with other children on holiday – whether they are happily discovering new things to do, playing, joining in a game of football or simply just building sand castles together. Depending on their age, I do find it particularly reassuring when the children can move around freely in a safe place where they can feel independent. I know I’m happy too then!

Germany is ‘kids-friendly’

In my experience, Germany is a great place to go with children as so many of the regions have fantastic things to do. One of my favourite places to go on a family holiday in the summer are the North Sea islands of DSCN2534Norderney island's promenade and beachNorderney, Juist and Sylt. Bavaria, the Black Forest or even many of the cities are also great to discover new things through the eyes of your kids, any time of the year. Playgrounds are really fun and varied and you’ll even find some safe and nicely designed water playgrounds. Walking trails are often educationally created and the extensive network of This cycling track is close to Düsseldorf in the Lower Rhine region, which is quite flat and therefore easy to cycle cycling tracks are safe, making them perfect to take children of any ability. A good variety of water sports can be found around the coastal areas and lakes; attractive theme parks e.g. the Playmobil Fun ParkWe had such a fab day at Playmobil Fun Park in Zirndorf, which is only 13km away from NurembergPlaymobil Fun Park, close to Nuremberg, as well as plenty of freibad-hiltrupFotoPresseamt Münster Angelika KlauserOutdoor swimming pool in Münster-Hiltrup, photo creds to press office Münster, Angelika Krauser outdoor and indoor swimming pools – the perfect place for the whole family to enjoy splashing around together. Older children may enjoy the more cultural aspect of Germany with its many museums, castles and other historical places of interest.



Family and baby hotels are very popular

When it comes to hotels and restaurants, they are generally child-friendly and provide high chairs, kids menus, crayons and colouring pads or other little giveaways to keep them happy at the table. People are usually very relaxed with having children around and family hotels, in particular, are well-equipped to welcome our little ones as well as making the parents’ lives easier. Some hotels are particularly focussed on babies and younger children and not only provide high chairs, playrooms and kids clubs, they also offer baby food and milk, intercom, bottle warmers, a babysitting service, prams and push chairs, a kid’s buffet at a lower height – including bibs, beakers and as well as a microwave to heat up your baby food or milk etc. That means less baggage when travelling and more fun – not just for the kids.

I personally really like being surrounded by nature, walking or cycling along a river, a beach or up a mountain and luckily our son seems to enjoy that too. If we include some fun activities and certainly a pit stop in a restaurant or café, we are all happy. Happy holiday everyone!

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